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Welcome to Inner Bloom, a Women's Wealth & Wellbeing Academy. 
Not just a product but a journey designed by women, for women to create Wealth. We provide the tools for women to improve their Wellbeing & in promoting this product women improve their Wealth. It's a Win, Win.

This Academy is designed to help you:
 # Skyrocket Your Confidence: Conquer self-doubt and imposter syndrome with powerful self-development tools. 
# Ignite Your Passion: Align with your true purpose and create a life you love. 
# Master Your Mindset: Develop unshakable resilience and a mindset for success. 
# Heal & Let Go Of The Past: Piece by piece you will learn to chip away at the parts of yourself that are holding you back. Those barriers and shields that you have created to protect yourself begin to fall away and underneath a woman that is been waiting to shine through all along. 
# Build a Thriving Business: Achieve financial freedom by promoting this done for you product. Sell access, keep all the profit. Everything you need to start your Digital Marketing Journey is included within the Academy. 
# Enjoy a Life of Abundance: Experience true wealth in all areas of your life.

We offer our members: 
MASTERCLASSES, MINI COURSES, EBOOKS & LIVE WORKSHOPS FROM 50+ COACHES: Access to a group of female Coaches, Healers and Practitioners from around the world sharing over 100 hours of life changing content.
ON-DEMAND LEARNING: Exclusive membership to a self-paced, interactive platform hosting courses, masterclasses, audios and workbooks for all things wellness 
MASTER RESELL RIGHTS: This is a done for you digital product with Master Resell Rights to the Academy, which means when you pay the one time fee of $222, you will then be able to sell access to the platform and keep all the profit. 
DIGITAL MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS: Learn techniques and strategies to sell digital products, includes done for you social media content that you can get sharing straight away. LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: Exclusive Lifetime access to all content. 
LIVE WORKSHOPS: Bringing to you throughout the year interviews with inspirational women discussing the hottest topics on women's transformation. 
AN INTERACTIVE PLATFORM: Gain access to our app and chat forum to receive guidance, support, and accountability at your fingertips.

- 12 Digital Products within the Digital Marketing niche with MRR/PLR that you can edit, rebrand, rename and resell for 100% profits
- 7 Digital Products within the Wellbeing niche with MRR/PLR that you can edit, rebrand, rename and resell for 100% profits
- 100 Planner & Journal Templates with MRR/PLR that you can edit, rebrand, rename and resell for 100% profits

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